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Over her twenty-five year writing career, many have asked the question “When are you going to write a novel?” In 2021 Jayne’s first work of fiction was published by Vanguard Press: The Games Women Use. In it she asks the question: “When does female friendship and support become akin to aiding and abetting? Does a criminal act exist if others are unaware it has been committed”?

The story details the lives of four young women who meet at the start of their adult lives and become lifelong friends. They face commonplace challenges recognised by women across the civilised world; issues of loyalty, relationships, trust, aging and eventually loss. Or is it, in fact gain? Set against the swirling activities in four Olympic Games host cities (Vancouver, London, Sochi and Tokyo) and culminating in Beijing during the 2022 winter games, the four friends regularly get together to share their individual experiences, achievements, failures, goals and setbacks. What they rarely discuss are the events that led to the deaths of those once closest to them. The cities hosting the Games provide the place, time, and distraction for elite athletes to be celebrated, records to be broken, medals to be awarded and maybe for crimes to be hidden?

Jayne Seagrave: Writer and Entrepreneur

With the unique combination of being a best-selling travel writer, successful international entrepreneur and extensively published academic, Dr Jayne Seagrave is an eclectic women who has a wealth of experience and talents in a number of areas. Her infectious personal attributes coupled with energy, enthusiasm, joie de vive and desire to convey her knowledge and experience to others has resulted in a diverse career.

Although primarily an entrepreneur, Jayne is probably best known as a travel writer with extensive expertise on camping in Western Canada and on women’s solo travel. Her primary employment is as Marketing Director for the Vancouver Tool Corporation, a company she established with her partner over twenty-five years ago. Vancouver Tool has successfully managed to market and sell a number of its patented inventions for the home improvement industry. Over 40 million of their tools have been sold worldwide, making them a highly successful small business. In 2021 she diversified again and wrote her first work of fiction.

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