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Jayne has written four books about camping in Western Canada. Over 60,000 of these books have been sold, making her one of the most successful travel writers in Canada. Her works include: Camping With Kids in the West; Best Camping Adventures – Southwestern BC and Vancouver Island; Best Camping Adventures – Northern, Central and Southwestern BC; and the most popular entitled; Camping BC: A Complete Guide to Provincial and National Park Campgrounds. The latest ninth edition of this book released in 2022. She has camped in over 180 campgrounds in BC, Alberta and The Yukon and frequently speaks to media outlets about camping and outdoors recreation.

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Excerpts from Camping British Columbia, The Rockies and Yukon can be read here.

“After reading Jayne Seagraves latest edition of Camping British Columbia, The Rockies and Yukon, I think it’s fair to say that no one knows the camping scene of our vast and varied region better. Rarely are guidebooks filled with such clear and present passion for the land and the places Seagrave generously shares with us.”
Grant Lawrence, author and broadcaster


Travel Writer: Women

Time to Take Flight - Jayne Seagrave

In her book: Time to Take Flight: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Safe Solo Travel, the benefits of solo travel are laid out, especially for those over the age of forty. Writing like a worldly, well informed best friend, she shares advice researching destinations, booking transportation, and finding accommodation. The book offers readers encouragement, advice, and support so they can fulfil their wanderlust while remaining safe and comfortable. The aim of the text is not to replace the information available in existing guidebooks but to supplement it with advice for the mature woman who desires to travel solo. 

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Excerpts from Time To Take Flight can be read here.

“Seagrave urges readers to discover a new culture, and surroundings and I truly agree with her sentiment that is indeed like falling in love and finding yourself . . . As an avid traveler, I LOVE THIS BOOK HARD. I love the message, and also I love the traveling tips.”
Manhattan Book Review

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